Occupancy Sensors

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Visual Analytics

The Marsanam library dashboards show accurate live data using customized floor plans and indicators. Users are free to explore open study​ spots at libraries near them. This social distancing management tool is great for insight into local library space utilization.

Take advantage of an agile study space with our easy search capabilities and graphical displays. We offer simple real-time visibility of your favorite review spots, all completely free!​

Marsanam Occupano Sensors Visual Analytics

It’s Study Time!


Our custom designed occupancy sensors collectively form an intuitive tree topology network communicating at 915 MHz, built specifically for large work spaces. And don’t worry, the sensors don’t add pressure to the local WIFI.​

Our topology network can move around physically, far from the master gateway using repeaters to route traffic around obstacles or extended distances. If connection is broken, the nodes simply reconfigure themselves within other areas of the network. Our dynamic sensor network with auto routing ensure the seamless flow of accurate data to our dashboards.


Our occupancy sensors easily fit under existing desks and tables at varying elevations. Unlike traditional PIR sensors that are unreliable and have long transmission intervals, our highly accurate dual technology occupancy sensors provide consistent and efficient updates to our online dashboards.​

No need to change how you choose to study. Marsanam’s energy-efficient sensors can easily detect the presence of stationary humans, an improvement from traditional industry occupancy devices that rely on erratic motion detection.

A single gateway can handle traffic up to 255 unique sensors, and their network topology just about handles everything else.

Integrating Marsanam’s occupancy sensors with your business is simple. Just send us your floor plans and our team will do all the logistics for you:        
1) Designing/linking dashboards         
2) Placing/setting up occupancy sensors         
3) Regular supervision of devices and networks         
4) Personalized plans/quotes

Here at Marsanam we understand the importance of privacy. All radio data between occupancy devices is is safely transmitted, with additional security layers in place when uploading data online via ethernet.    

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