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We Are The Students!

Marsanam provides a fresh platform for local business to reach out to the local community. Our site traffic is comprised primarily of university students and campus visitors. The Marsanam platform is the perfect opportunity for business to effectively connect to the thousands of nearby students in their area.   Just select your banner size and placement! We offer ads on three main page types: school page, library pages, and maps page. More info on specific ad rates, placement, and size can be found below. 

Products and Services

We typically display 3-8 banner ads per library/school page. Rates are determined by ad placement and size on page, as well as the traffic for the given page. We also offer other options, like displaying your business on our local search map! We track all impressions via google analytics.

Get your business discovered by local students in your area with simple brand awareness! Store location markers on our site search map ensures that students looking up nearby libraries also directly interact with your business online! 

Is your store close to campus? We highly recommend placing ads on library pages of libraries that are physically nearby for convenience and ultimate effectiveness!

Typical Ad Rates

Advertisement TypeMonthly Subscription4 Month Contract12 Month Contract
Map Store Location Marker$65 flat rate$45 flat rate$15 flat rate
Banner Ad (125 x 125 px)$55 for 5000 impressions (2¢ per additional view)$45 flat rate$25 flat rate
Banner Ad (250 x 250 px)$55 for 5000 impressions (2¢ per additional view)$45 flat rate$25 flat rate
Banner Ad (300 x 250 px)$85 for 5000 impressions (2¢ per additional view)$75 flat rate$55 flat rate
Banner Ad (728 x 90 px)$120 for 5000 impressions (2¢ per additional view)$110 flat rate$75 flat rate
Full Page Pop-up$350 flat rate$250 flat rate$150 flat rate
Library Page (3 Banner Ads)$450 flat rate$325 flat rate
Full Library Page Coverage$550 flat rate$425 flat rate

Numbers above reflect typical ad rates. Actual cost may be more or less depending on library page demand.

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